executive analytics

Find out what actions bring profits and what losses.

Study the conversion by managers, sources, regions, products, calls and user fields. Reduce the cost of unprofitable areas and develop profitable.

Visualize business dynamics

Graphs with parameters will help to study the trends with one mouse movement. Just one click is required to create a sales schedule for New York or a chart by Source. Try it, you will like it!

Use Artificial Intelligence

If reports from subordinate people hide important issues, the AI ​​does not miss anything. Get specific recommendations for doing business in one click.

What the program gives to the head:

Easily customizable reports with an unlimited count of ratios of any complexity.

Calculate employee bonuses based on sales, calls, statuses and custom fields in one click!

Ready-made charts with detailed tips will help you to better assess the situation in your organization, which is necessary for making effective management decisions.

We are one of the leaders in data analysis in such systems as Bitrix24.

Customers from Russia, Canada, USA, Germany, India, South Korea, Holland, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil and other countries use Nemind to analyze their data.

Kanban analytics

A revolutionary invention from Nemind, which allows you to reduce the time it takes to create charts and analytical tables tenfold.

You no longer need to contact analytics specialists – just click on the desired segment or section and the diagrams will appear by themselves.

  • Period comparison chart

  • Multiple graph

  • Pie chart of distribution

  • Ratios

  • Automatic grouping of data

  • Automatic splitting of prices and other numerical parameters into clusters

Just one click of the mouse is enough to get trend charts and pie charts of shares, identify leaders and outsiders in all parameters, such as region, product, or any other.

Complex solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of analytics. For analysis, you do not need to know complex data structures and understand programming languages.

Deep integration with various sources

Many ready-made reports for standard tasks

Analysis of the conversion of leads and deals by different sections, incl. by repeated deals, custom fields.

Analysis of the effectiveness of managers in the context of any ratios in one table.

Retrospective analysis of tasks and cases with the addition of leads, deals, contacts and companies.

Analysis of incoming and outgoing calls in the context of managers, duration and count of calls.

Even more possibilities for your CRM!


  • Leads, Deals, Leads + Deals
  • Activities, Activities + Deals + Contacts
  • Calls: incoming and outgoing
  • Tasks
  • Invoices, sales
  • Duration by status: leads, deals


  • Conversion, profit, profitability
  • Count, Sum, Average
  • Shares by count and sum
  • Trends for any period
  • Duration
  • Possibility to create your own duration

Cuts by

  • responsible managers
  • utm parameters (end-to-end analytics)
  • price categories
  • call duration
  • other fields, including custom


The problem.

Managers spend a lot of time with clients who end up abandoning a deal or buying a small sum. Prospective clients receive fewer services and pay several times less than they could, because overworked managers simply did not have enough time to communicate with them at the level at which they should.

There is a solution!

Scoring allows you to reallocate managers’ time towards the most valuable clients due to their automatic probabilistic assessment.

Do you have difficulties with data analysis?

Describe which business parameters are most interesting for you to analyze and we will show you how to do this in our program.

Fast support from experts in CRM analytics

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До сих пор делаете еженедельные отчеты по несколько часов?

No need to waste time on routine operations!

Не нужно тратить время на рутинные операции!

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